ETL No.9 is founded by GTL World Group in 2013 to promote sustainable living. GTL World Group is an international social enterprise that advocates cultural and environmental sustainability. Through the beauty of art and science, we strive to deliver innovative solutions that improve the quality of life, promote sustainable living and create positive social impact.

ETL No.9 由 GTL World Group 于 2013 年创立,旨在促进可持续生活。 GTL世界集团是一家倡导文化和环境可持续发展的国际社会企业。 通过艺术和科学的美丽,我们努力提供创新的解决方案,以改善生活质量,促进可持续生活并创造积极的社会影响。

You could log on to our websites at or call us for appointment of workshop or other related info.

GTL World Singapore +65 65471149

GTL World Malaysia +60-3-87413080


新加坡GTL世界+65 65471149

马来西亚GTL世界+ 60-3-87413080g

Sure. If you would like to contribute to the mission of ecological, economic and ethical reconstruction, after experiencing the benefits of ETL No.9, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be opened for anyone who we can work together with in delivering innovative solution for a sustainable future.

当然。 如果您希望在体验ETL No.9的好处后为生态,经济和道德重建的使命做出贡献,请随时与我们联系。 我们将开放给任何能够与我们一起努力,为可持续的未来提供创新解决方案的人。

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