GTL World Group is a global social enterprise that advocates cultural and environmental sustainability. It provides innovative solutions that promote sustainable living and improve the quality of human life.

GTL World officially founded ETL No.9 in 2013 and is currently partnering with TCK green technology to promote green building in Southeast Asia.

With offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Australia, GTL World also partners with international organizations and educational institutions to promote sustainability programs and initiatives.

於2012年正式成立,GTL World Group是一家倡導文化和環境可持續發展的國際社會企業: 致力於提供提高生活質量,促進可持續生活,並為社會提出有正面影響的創新方案。 GTL World於2013年正式成立外星之光。 GTL World 在新加坡,香港,馬來西亞,中國和澳大利亞設有辦事處,並與國際組織和教育機構合作,推廣可持續發展項目。

Our Certifications

Our products have gone through various certification to ensure safety and eco-friendliness

ZhongHua Certification Co., Ltd (ZHCERT) Natural and Organic

ETL No.9 All-Purpose Green Cleaning Formula has acquired the “Confirmation For Materials Used in Organic Product” which was inspected and found to be in conformity with the requirement of Chinese Organic Agriculture Enforcing Standard, certified by ZhongHua Certification Co., Ltd (ZHCERT).

Certificate No: CA-15COAS001

SGS Taiwan Ltd Ultra-Trace Industrial Safety Hygiene

ETL No.9 has been tested safe and free from chemical substances accordance to the Test Report of Ultra-Trace Industrial Safety Hygiene by the laboratory of SGS Taiwan Ltd.

Test Report No: UG/2016/C0023A-03
Test Report No: UG/2016/C0022A-03

Illustrated By Akinori Oishi

Akinori Oishi (大石暁規)Akinori is an internationally acclaimed multimedia artist from Japan

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